About Mike Morrison


Mike Morrison made his name and living in corporate life, but has now left the metropolis of Sydney and moved to Bowral in the Southern Highlands of NSW, to begin his new path as a Mental Wellbeing Guide - Taking his experience as a C level strategy executive in multinational ad agencies on global duties from Seoul to New York, he combines that with his patient experience suffering conditions of depression and bi-polar 2. Mike's advice is non-clinical, and you should always get advice from your GP.


It gives him a unique perspective and empathy for both executives and people in all sorts of roles silently dealing with the pressures of achieving good mental wellbeing.

Mike delivered an intoxicating mix of insightful opinion, laced with his inherent comic ability, and just enough theatre to ensure he rose above the pack as the stand out speaker.

- Jason Scott Commercial Director, NineMSN

When we worked together we would win. Win the meeting, win the day, the business and the transaction. And always did it with a laugh.  He is a very funny man.

- Russel Howcroft, CCO PwC