Before you press send

In my 28 year career in advertising I spent a short period at Network Ten . After leaving the network I was trolled mercilessly by the anonymous. This didn’t last days but weeks. (It still does now) . As someone who suffers from depression my suicidal ideation increased dramatically. Not for days but months. As someone who suffers bi-polar 2 the effect of this trolling was devastating. I then re surfaced at Innocean after which of course every press note about me referenced my short tenure Ten. I was interviewed about the new role and asked for an innocent opinion on the state of FTA tv. I said that 9&7 would move away from Ten and that Ten was in a difficult position. The trolling re commenced with some media buyers commenting not even their most junior buyers would proffer such an analysis. Ten shares of course halved, then they were split before going into admin, after running into headwinds with debt head room and banking covenants. Before you press send on your opinion which you’re entitled to ask this, – could a perfectly good person end up hanging from the back of their bathroom door only to be found by their cleaner who comes in each Wednesday, or better still by their only daughter who arrives every other weekend?” ….. Send

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