What is Black Light Principle?

The Black Light Principle is something you don’t know about something you know.

It is said we live in an age of transparency. To some extent that is true. However, we also live in a complex time full of layers and petabytes of data. We have more data than ever in our human history. I would suggest the world is more opaque and less clear as a result. Humans like clarity, it provides certainty.

Never before has a generation had the capacity to “know” so much. Before the internet we spent much time simply gathering knowledge. Now gathering information, data and knowledge is done at light speed. So our time is now more valuable finding utility in that information.

What generally hides in data? Opportunity … but only if you can see it.

Add this to this, notions such as “fake news” and this takes us one step further removed from the “truth”.   This creates a conundrum. We are programmed to seek knowledge and value truth, but feel gullible or ignorant when it is hidden or changed.

More than ever we need to be able to see, feel, hear, know something that is hidden, or not clear. Something that is not obvious, and is hiding in plain sight.

Humans are masters of deceit and use distraction to keep each other off point, e.g the practice of magic.   So in an age of so-called transparency, but not an age of accountability, what do we do?

What should our mind set be? What techniques can we use to see the hidden, the opaque, or the fake ? Every one values the original more.

1. A Black Light Future ; What future and near point horizons will this lead us to? The new age of public, private and secret lives. Technology already exists that helps us “snoop” on partners texts and whereabouts.

What becomes an authentic experience in the age of virtual reality and artificial intelligence? Will our need for real be diminished as real becomes redefined. We never got our jet packs and the soothsayers of the future got much wrong, but I’m pretty certain that those who are discussing the concept of year million and metaverse 1.0 and 2.0 are onto something, that science fiction films have been exploring for over a decade.

A black light is needed, one that can look at I, you and we. A black light that can reveal the hidden in the now and the future.

The politically correct language and lexicon, that is now sewn into social media, politics, commerce and sport, has made communication problematic. I don’t want to trigger anyone here, but it has. Language has now become camouflaged not just in its’ meaning, but its’ form and the channels by which it is carried. Do we need to Black light communication?.

2. Black Light Work ; Communication has already has provided hurdles for comprehension and expectations at work. The human element in the new “workscape”, complete with the concept of “Singularity” and its’ foreboding consequences is another future that requires clarity.

In an age of transparency how do you get yourself bought? You might be trying to sell your company, but are they buying you? Society and commerce likes winners, but in the day and age of now and our future, how will that change and can companies actually see the road ahead to success? Is there something they don’t know about what they know and is it hidden?

3. Black Light Mental Wellness ;  1:4 to 1:5 of you staff are suffering a poor mental health condition right now. Do you know who they are, or have they hidden themselves among your achievers, rainmakers and team players? Humans are not good with power and honesty. There is much hidden anger, which creates work place depression. Flame mail, bullying covert and silent isolation is all glossed over and good relations are faked in many work places, which contributes to poor mental wellness. There is  a modern day depression that is having a direct financial impact on companies. Worldwide, the World Health Organisation estimates nearly a trillion dollars is lost each year in poor productivity. Think tiredness and forgetfulness at an epic scale. Rates of depression have increased 20% in the last ten years.

4. Black Light brands; Are there consumers using your brands that you don’t know about? Are they buying for true loyalty or just habit? As we are at point of click consumption, the convenience of a click maybe all that matters. However, is your brand a noun, a verb or a purpose? Because that still matters. We live in the Arithmocracy where those with the numbers command the power.  Life by algorithm began long before we realised it, and the integration of separate technology platforms at scale around 2007 ushered in the infotronics era.

Much to consider. Some of it deeply troubling. But if a threat, a feeling, an insight, a behavior, an argument or more importantly an advantage could be revealed and not hidden from plain sight, then that may provide a material change in the fortunes of those who can see it… with a Black Light.

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